Okay, some of y’all know what went down, but I thought it would be best to write a quick blog post update.

On Sunday night, I had a nice dinner with friends, and eventually made it home around 9pm. Within 5 minutes, I had stabbing and intense pain in my abdomen, which persisted for 2 hours. Knowing my body, this was far from normal, so I went to the ER. After tons of waiting and a bunch of tests, it turns out that I have gall stones. I stuck around the ER fora while until they determined that I didn’t need surgery immediately and the pain died down enough that I could go home. I was discharged and was home by 7am Monday morning after pulling a not-so-fun all-nighter.

For the record, this is one condition that I do not recommend. I dealt with the constant pain for six hours straight before getting some morphine. Even a few days later, my abs are still quite sore as if I were recovering from the most intense ab workout of my life. No more stabbing pain, just sore as hell.

Supposedly these episodes with a gall bladder can be triggered by a heavy meal, high fatty foods, or spicy foods. I had some spicy sushi at dinner that was likely the culprit—a spicy tuna roll and a roll called Russian Roulette (cucumber, spicy crab, avocado, topped with white tuna). So yeah, I learned my lesson not to tempt fate with meals associated with gambling on death.

I likely will need to have surgery eventually, although the ER ran checks to make sure that I didn’t need it immediately. It is one of those things that I might never have another episode. But as intense as Sunday night and Monday morning was, I am less inclined to roll the dice. I mean, I usually eat healthy food, and while the food might be culprit, it isn’t that clear cut. So I meet with my doctor in a few weeks to plan ahead.

It is also a kind reminder. Yes, I am a thirty-something and I have to worry about this shit now.

Anyways, thanks for those who were thinking about me or helped out during this time. I just wanted to give you all a full update so everyone is in the loop.

Also, here’s an Awkward Yeti cartoon that seemed appropriate (source):