I have several mixes in the works, but this one I think is in good enough condition to share. I’ve been in a power pop mood lately. Why? Who knows. But I lacked a good power pop playlist, so I decided to make my own (see below).

HOWEVER. Before you check it out, a brief warning.

With all sub-genres, definitions of various bands and artists become blurred. Some people get into rather heated debates on this subject, but I never have been among those people. Power pop in its traditional definition includes Cheap Trick, Big Star, Raspberries, The Knack, among others. However, I kept a broad definition when making this playlist, which included power pop influences. If this idea makes you start to twitch, just stop reading now and click on this adorable cat video to restore your calm.

The rest of you, are we cool? Awesome.

I included artists/bands that are considered new wave (e.g., The Cars, Blondie, The Bangles, The Go-Go’s, etc.), 90’s alternative (e.g., Weezer), or contemporary indie stuff (e.g., The New Pornographers, Ok Go, Valley Lodge, Kaiser Chiefs). I also included some slightly controversial picks, including power-pop-predecessors (e.g., The Beatles, The Who) and some artists who are considered other genres but who had specific songs that had power pop-ish sounds to them (e.g., Bruce Springsteen “Born to Run” and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers “American Girl”).

To avoid people sending me cranky replies about X and Y artists are not power pop (aside from the cat video distraction), I decided to name the playlist Power Pop et al. (2016), in homage to the APA Style citation for multiple authors (because I am a nerd). So toss in any genre description you want–I’ll consider it part of the “et al.”).

This playlist is designed to be played on shuffle. It is definitely not in any order, and I do repeat tracks by the same artist (*gasp*). It is a long one (101 songs, 5.5 hours), but I find it to be a nice, upbeat (duh), mix to have on in the background while I work. I hope you enjoy!