Life announcement time!

Since starting college, I have moved a lot:

  • Age 18: Moved to Atlanta, GA for undergrad. Moved in & out of dorms every year for 4 years.
  • Age 22: Moved to NC for my M.A. Moved after first year for super cheap rent with awesome roommates.
  • Age 24: Moved overseas to the Netherlands for my Ph.D. Moved to a new kamer after a year, and too tired of moving to even consider finding a new place.
  • Age 28: Moved to Perth, Australia for an awesome post-doc.
  • Age 29: Moved to Gold Coast, Australia to continue working on the awesome post-doc.

And while I have moved a lot, I have enjoyed all the places I’ve been and the opportunities I have had. And now, I’m happy to report that I have a new bullet point to add:

  • Age 30/31: I will be moving to Nashville, TN for a new, awesome post-doc at Vanderbilt University.

That’s right–I am moving back to the South, y’all!

Right around my birthday in July (hence the ambiguous age), I will make the move back to the U.S. While my international travels likely will decrease (for now), I am sure to travel more in the U.S. now than I did in the past. Still, it will be good to be back in the U.S. after living abroad for seven years…although I seriously hope this election year will not make me regret that decision. 😀