A non-politics post, I swear! I’m off to Japan tomorrow for a 2-week holiday, but I thought should post a lesson I learned on a short trip earlier this year:  I cannot take selfies, even if my life depended on it.

Premise:  I often travel solo. While I take tons of photos, I often get complaints (particularly from my mom) that I am not in these photos. Pretty scenery, cool angles, but where are you!?! Therefore, I made a travel rule to take at least one photo with me in it during my trips when and if I can manage it. Even with this rule, selfies were never really my thing. Until recently, I didn’t even have a decent camera on my smartphone to take a good selfie, so I would just have someone use my camera to take pictures of me when I traveled.

This past Easter weekend, I went to Sydney, and I had a nice new phone that took great photos.  Easter weekends are touristy times to travel, so I thought that finding someone else that I could trust to take a picture might be tricky. I decided a Sydney selfie would be nice to fulfill my self-picture quota for the trip, no fuss.

However, I did not totally think the process through. As obvious as it is to anyone but me at the time, selfies require you to hold your phone at some distance away from your face so you can line up the shot. One big problem–I am legally blind. Needless to say, this process did not go well. I posted the best of the bunch below. I made the process harder on myself, too. It was raining, so I was holding an umbrella while still trying to show the Opera House in the background, a process that was beyond idiotic. I also was oblivious to the scenic trash cans behind me. Complete and total disaster.

20150404_123351 20150404_123445

Still, I did not want to give up. The next day, the sun was shining, and I wandered back by the Opera House (and away from the trash cans) to try again for Sydney selfie take 2. These selfies improved a bit, but I could not see my screen at all with the sun shining. It was literally a shot in the dark for me.


So lesson learned–I solemnly swear that I will not take selfies ever again.