New playlist time!

I love the Beatles. Pretty cliché, I know. Now that I listen to most of my music on Spotify, I don’t listen to their albums as often as I would like. I know the Beatles copyright and song catalog is a total mess, but it does not make the issue any less annoying.

As a temporary solution, I collected a bunch of Beatles covers and put them into a playlist. The easy option would have been just to copy and paste the entire soundtracks of I Am Sam and Across the Universe. While I did use several songs from those soundtracks, I put a bit more effort into this playlist than that. I actually found this wiki page of Beatles covers, but I went through to find versions that were on Spotify. Along the way, I found some cool covers by a surprising range of artists. I also found a disturbing cover: Elmo singing “Drive My Car.” I didn’t even link to that one for a reason–listen at your own risk!!

The final mix has 50 songs, arranged in chronological order*. I kept to basic music mix rules with no repeat artists and no repeat songs. There were a few surprises, such as Dolly Parton singing “Help!” and Stevie Wonder’s awesome version of “We Can Work it Out.” Also, I hought there was a morbid irony that John Denver covered “When I’m Sixty-Four,” but maybe that’s just me.

There were also some cool covers that were not available on Spotify, including:

Anyways, I hope you enjoy!


* The chronological order is to the best of my ability o the best of my ability. There are different U.K./U.S. versions of albums & singles out there. Some songs were released multiple times as well, so it might be slightly off. The order mainly was to keep the style in roughly the same periods, as early Beatles and late Beatles songs are quite different.