Things have been busy as of late, but I will try to make up for it with some old music mixes. In particular, I made these mixes while working on my master’s thesis and my PhD dissertation.

First of all, I listen to music all the time when I work. It is an old habit from middle school and high school that persisted through the college years. Seriously, I bought my first ipod at the end of my sophomore year of college to save money on all the portable CD players I would wear out. Some people don’t get how I can read extensively or write papers with music (with lyrics) and still function. It works for me because it blocks out all external noise. The caveat is that it has to be music I know well so I can weirdly enough, tune it out. I’m weird, I know.

Anyways, on to the mixes!

I made the first mix in 2008-2009 in the months leading up to the submission of my master’s thesis. A graduate student a year ahead of me gave me the idea. For her classmates, she made a music mix dedicated to the Major Area Paper (essentially a mini-thesis due at the beginning of our second year), and she passed down the mix to my class. As a follow-up, I decided to make a mix for my classmates. I *think* my classmates liked it (or perhaps they said that they liked it to indulge my whims), but I know I listened to it a lot. I’ve posted the original version form in 8tracks and the slightly modified Spotify version (no Beatles in Spotify).

I made the second mix a few years later in 2012. I have not shared this mix as it was a personal mix at the time. I made it in Spotify, and it slowly took shape and changed as I listened to it. I actually lost a couple of songs that left Spotify over the years, so I made a YouTube playlist with the original version and I listed the changes. Of course, I made this mix longer as it was for my PhD dissertation (37 songs rather than 19 songs). I also did not want to use the same songs from the thesis mix. With Spotify, the mix became more eclectic than the first mix.

Like most of my mixes, they are designed to be played in order; however, I can’t stop you from using that shuffle button. 😉  Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

Minor edit:  Apparently the old songs appear in the embedded Spotify, but don’t play. Also, the reason you see two copies of The Clash is that one version stopped working so I replaced it with another. Only one song should play though.

Thesis Mix

Dissertation Mix 

Original & complete version:  YouTube playlist

Changed Songs

I had Alex Vargas’s cover of “More”, but I substituted the Usher version available (still not the original, but a remix).

Omitted Songs

After Eve 6, Mark B & Blade “Ya Don’t See The Signs”

After P.O.D., Joanna Pacitti “Watch Me Shine” (I think I watched Legally Blonde one too many times)