As the intro post stated, people have varied reactions on age milestones. Age is an artificial number of course, but age milestones hold strong cultural (and typically personal) significance. We are all meant to go through life checking off certain boxes along the way.

At 30, you’re supposed to have your shit together. I’m from the American South, which has some basic expectations for women by 30. Settle down. Get married. Have kids. Or, at a bare minimum among some in my generation, complete “30 in 30.” I have done none of these things.

Still, I have no qualms about turning 30. I did a lot in my 20’s, taking a rather unique path (gross understatement). When I was 17, I quipped to my parents that my psychology PhD ambitions meant that I would have no life until I was 30. But I did have a life. I went to great universities and met amazing people over the years. I lived abroad for the past six years in two different countries (The Netherlands and Australia). I traveled to 18 different countries in my 20’s, seeing far more of he world than I ever expected at 17. I also just earned my PhD a few months shy of turning 30.

I’m not trying to boast too strongly here. I’m proud of what I’ve done, but I still have plenty of goals and improvements that I need/want to make in my life. But it is good to maintain perspective when you hit an age milestone, especially when your personal accomplishments do not align with the age milestones dictated by cultural norms.

For me, things in my life are good. Bring it on, 30.