Today I turned 30.

Some people shrug off the end of their twenties, while others go into denial. First anniversary of your 29th birthday and all that jazz.

Me? I start a new blog.

I’ve had blogs before–one from undergrad and another from my years in the Netherlands. I’ve had various journals, too. Still, I had one key problem with all these methods–I totally sucked at updating them on a regular basis.

I hold some optimism that this blog might be different, but only time will tell. To help with content, I’m keeping the topics wide open. One post might be a music mix, another a travel anecdote. I might ramble on news, books, politics, psychology, or whatever pops into my head. I’ve always enjoyed writing, yet it was limited strictly to work as I completed my dissertation. Now I hope to regain the hobby of writing for fun that I once had.