Last post for this birthday, I swear.

Starting in 2011, I made a personal music mix for my birthday called Just Make a Wish. It was a fun mix with no real theme beyond making a mix for my own birthday rather than a friend’s birthday (for a change).

I made a new mix in 2012, titled–wait for it–Just Make a Wish 2.

In 2013 and 2014, I was busy at birthday time to sit down and make a mix. In 2013, I was about to move to Australia, and in 2014, I was busy with a work trip. This year, I decided to go back and make a new mix called Just Make a Wish 3.

This 2015 mix is different from its predecessors. I decided on a basic scheme:  1 song to represent each year of my life, starting in 1985. I picked songs that a) I did/do listen to and b) were mostly upbeat and fun (you know, keeping it festive for the birthday and all). The result is that this mix sticks to mainstream pop and rock music.

This mix took a while to make. There was some ambiguity on when an album was released versus when the single was released (I’m looking at you 1988), and some years were harder to pick just one song above all others (the 1990’s in particular).

Anyways, I hope you enjoy.

Youtube Playlist (for all music videos, hopefully not region blocked)

Spotify Playlist